Doug Wilson – Change just brings problems

Doug Wilson - Change just brings problems
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➥ No Change. Mo Doug.

Doug might not be a great politician but he sure is fun.. so why would you want change? Vote for Doug, you know change just brings problems.

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Some Doug Wilson Quotes

Don’t you bang that gavel at me, you sanctimonious Jesus freak. You know, your long skirt isn’t long enough lady. I saw your fat ankles. Calf, right into ankle. Cankles!

I can’t go to prison. There’s no sushi in prison. Unless you count dick!

I dropped my keys in a porto potty. There was a raccoon in there. I punched it out.

Nancy, trust me, a bakery is impossible to run without drug money.

You think you’re better than me Botwin because your Van has no windows?

The best councilman you ever saw.

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