Atheist t-shirts

Find t-shirts and other gear to express your beliefs or non-beliefs. No matter if you consider yourself an atheist, humanist or an agnostic, you are sure to find something you like.

    The True Meaning of Atheism

    Contrary to what many people believe, atheism is not the denial of God or the affirmation that there is no God. Rather, it is a lack of belief in gods. It is the theistic impact that taints this description. Without this influence, the definition would be “there are no gods.”

    Atheism Is not a Belief nor a Religion

    While there are sectors that are quite like atheism, it is still not a conviction. Nonetheless, it is a constitutional right to be an atheist. However, it does not imply that it is a religion. The constitution only protects the beliefs in atheism.

    The same thing goes for “interfaith” sectors. Freethinker, Humanist, Secular, and Agnostic are just words to identify themselves. However, only a few people know about these groups and their meanings; thus, strong atheism advocates prefer to call themselves as atheists. Just check out these atheist quotes

    Atheism Means Diversity

    Believe it or not, the single thing that connects all atheists is the perception that there are no gods. Because atheism is not a religion, they do not have unified beliefs or even leaders. For this reason, their ideas contradict each other.

    For example, agnosticism is an idea. This means that agnostics need evidence before they believe that there are gods. Meanwhile, true atheism firmly believes that there are no gods.

    Do Many People Accept Atheism?

    Many people still do not like atheism. However, according to recent surveys, 26% of Americans are atheists. These people believe that there are no gods. Nonetheless, only 5% of the participants call themselves atheists.

    Despite the small number, there are many atheist T-shirts on the market. These clothing companies do not only show what they believe. They also express their support by selling atheist T-shirts and other fashion accessories like bags.

    Their purpose is to spread awareness on the true meaning of atheism. If you are an atheist, or simply a nonbeliever, then show your views with style by wearing atheist T-shirts.

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